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SWARNA PRASHANA for children's...!!

SWARNA PRASHAN /Swarna bindu prashan 

 A unique Ayurvedic method of potentiating immunity and intellect under 16 years of all childrens.
     Safe and effective way to boost immunity and mental power - proven by classics.

As described in modern medicine, the concept of vaccination is also illustrated in the books of ayurveda. It has been described as a simple way of inducing vaccination  as a process of swarna bindu prashan.
The process of swarna bindu prashana was explained in the classical textbook of ayurveda in kashyap samhita by kashyap. The process was a type of immunization  given to the baby at the time.
Ingredients Of Swarna Bindu Prashana
1. Suddha medhya ausandhi siddha ghritha(ghee fortified with medhya drugs)
2. Suddha swarna bhasma(gold bhasma)
3. Suddha madhu(honey)

Swarna ( purified gold) as told by the sages and researches of Ayurveda.

    Suvarna is one of the best medhya dravya explained in ayurveda. Kashyapacharya has explained about the use of suvarna in lehana karma. Being metal suvarna(gold) cannot be administered directly into body as a medicine. So, for this the suvarna is processed through the special procedure for making suvarna bhasma which is used as a drug. This suvarna bhasma is easy for absorption and assimilation.
    It is also medha vardhaka ie enhances the memory. So,when it is administered in very low doses for a particular time it is known to potentiate the memory power along with immunity.
    Animal Research conducted on swarna bhasma showed the use of swarna bhasma in dose of 12.5 to 50 mg/kg body on mice weight had an stimulatory effect on peritoneal macrophages, that might be helpful to fight against infection. It was believed that macrophages achieved stimulation  due to presentation of the metal to cells in fine emulsified forms. Similarly, it was also found that swarna bhasma had a restorative effect and had no any toxic effect to the liver and kidney at therapeutic dose.

    Madhu is collection of pollen grains by bees. In day today life it is observed that pollen grains acquire a great percentage in producing allergic reactions leading to many diseases. The main reason for using madhu in Swarna bindu prashana is that when madhu is administered in low doses in childhood itself then child gradually develops resistance for allergens and it remains unaffected by allergens. Honey has some of its flower properties nourish mind, nerves, senses, immune system, ojas , external—burns, wounds, sores, eyes. It acts as a medium for the absorption of drugs. So, it has been used extensively as a anupan with drugs.
    Ghruta has the unique property of acquiring the gunas of dravyas which are added to it. Medhyaushadhis like manduka parni, brahmi, guducchi , yashtimadhu, vacha etc are added to ghruta and according to the procedure it is prepared. This ghruta is useful in potentiating the mental ability.
Indication Of Swarna Prashan:
• All the Children are of age group of 1 day to 5 years.
• Children with low Immunity.
• Children with low Intellect.
• Children with low Memory Power.
• Children with learning difficulties.
• Children suffering from fever.
• Children suffering from dysentery.
• Children suffering from diarrhea.
• Children suffering from Indigestion.
Effects Of Swarna Prashan
   According to the Kashyap Samhita:
By swarna prashana child develops medha (mental ability), agni (digestive power), bala, aayu vardhana, it is also mangalakara, punya, vrushya, varnya, ghuha baadha nashaka. If swarna prashana is done for 1 month then child will be parama medhavi, remains unaffected by vyadhi. If done for 6 months then child will be shruta dhara ( remembers what he hears).
In short the effect of swarna prashanelow: can be illustrated below :
1.Immunity Enhancer/ increaseimmunity : Suvarnaprashan increases the immunity of body increase the resistance of the body against infections.
2.Enchane/Physical Development : Suvarnaprashan makes child physically strong.
3.Memory Booster : Suvarnaprashan increases develop child's grasping power, Sharpness and recall memory.
4.Active and Intellect: Increases the intelligence of child.
5.Digestive Power : SuvarnaPRASHAN is a best appetizer and have digestive properties also.
6.Tone ups skin color: Suvarnaprashan increases attractiveness.

Administered on Pushya nakshtra of every lunar month.
27   January   2013
24   February   2013
24   March   2013
21   April   2013
19   May   2013
16   June   2013
14   July   2013
11  August   2013
8   September   2013
6   October   2013
3  November   2013
1   December   2013
29   December 2013



  1. As per Kalnirnay Calendar. Pushya nakshatra is on 20.12.13 whereas you mention date as 01/12 & 29/12. Kindly clarify. Thks & Brgds. Harish

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  3. can we give this for my daughter who is 7 years now?

  4. Hello Vanitha,

    Yes you can give it to your child. It is advisable to continue for at least 2 years to get best result.


  5. hi sir/madam, this is abhi am putting SWARNA PRASHANA to my 06 yrs old daughter need to know how effective it works for children's,,,?

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  9. What is the actual dose of survarna bhasma ler kg? And about purity of bhasma?

  10. What is the actual dose of survarna bhasma ler kg? And about purity of bhasma?