Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DOES YOUR FACE REVEAL YOUR REAL AGE ?? Signs of Ageing....!!!!!!

Does your face reveal your real age? Does it make you look younger or older than you actually are? Did you know that your first wrinkle could appear as early as 25? Did you know that there is much more to skin ageing than just line and wrinkles?
As women, each one of us desires to look younger. Now it’s time to find out more about how we can turn this desire to reality. As we grow older, our body undergoes multiple of changes. The same happens to our skin. With age our skin’s natural ability to renew itself slows down, its ability to hold moisture decreases, and there are changes in its collagen and melanin level. All these changes coupled with harmful UV rays from sun, air pollution, and lack of proper diet and exercise can make our skin look older.
The fine lines and wrinkles that appear near the eyes, forehead or lips are the most commonly known signs of ageing. But there are more to ageing that woman around the world are concerned about than just lines and wrinkles. 

Majority of women broadly identified 7 signs of skin ageing.
-        Fine lines and wrinkles.
-        Sagging skin.
-        Uneven skin tone.
-        Appearance of Pores.
-        Age spots.
-        Dull skin.
-        Dryness.

So what does this means to us? Well, for one, if you want to keep yourself looking younger, you would have to do much more than just fight one or two signs of ageing. You will in all probably need to fight multiple or 7 signs of ageing. Secondly, if you thought that you could wait till your first wrinkle appears before you switch to that anti-ageing cream, think again. Some of these signs of ageing can start as early as 25 years! You need good multiple benefits today to address the multiple signs of ageing.
            Science has come to us to fight ageing. We always knew that eating those veggies and fruits loaded with anti-oxidant and vitamins was good for skin. Our skin required revolutionary new formulation containing a combination of anti-oxidants and Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), E and Pro-vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol), helps to reduce skin damage induced by free radicals generated from the environment stress and sun exposure. Niacinamide helps to maintain collagen production, stimulates skin renewal and evens out melanin production. Together these ingredients help fight 7 signs of ageing.
Skin lightening remedies for skin
Skin lightening remedies are useful for restoring an even tone to blotchy, discolored skin. They can also reduce the appearance of freckles. You can try some natural remedies for fading tans.
Lemon juice can be used in a variety of ways. Mix equal amount of glycerin and lemon juice, it can be sponged on to remove a tan.
When mixed to a paste with salt or sugar and allowed to remain on the skin for half an hour once each day, lemon juice may lighten brown splotches caused by the sun.
Milk, in its many guises, is a time-tested skin lightener. Mix 3 tablespoon milk and 1 teaspoon lime juice, it can be sponged on to remove a tan.
Yogurt, plain or blended with an equal amount of buttermilk, can be used as night cream to ameliorate a fading tan.
Botanicals have a well-established reputation for skin lightening.
Aloe vera gel. Smooth over sun-darkened freckles or brown spots at least twice a day.
Watercress. Place a freshly washed bunch of watercress in 2 cups cold water. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and store in the refrigerator. Each morning and evening, sponge the chilled liquid over your fading tan, allow it to dry, then rinse with water.
Mash the apricot fruit and pat it on your face. For a more complex, blend with /12 teaspoon lemon juice with the pureed fruit before applying to ski
  Rinse a bunch of green grapes, squeeze out the juice. Rub the juice over tanned areas, allow it to dry, then rinse off.
Mash ripe tomatoes and apply the pulp to your fading tan. Let dry before removing with water.
POTATO WATER is an old German cure for fading tans and summer freckles. Simply sponge on the water in which the potatoes have been cooked.

Natural Face Masks
The purpose of a face masks is to improve outlook of the face and skin. Face masks will make your skin very glowing and rejunuvate. We are providing some face masks for Normal Skin, Oily Skin and Dry skin. 

Dry skin face masks :
1 egg yolk, 2 tsp. almond oil, 1 ripe banana.
Combine everything in a bowl, make a thick paste. Apply this to face. leave on for 20 minutes, then wash with water.
Mix banana, egg white and curd. Apply this facial mask to your face, hands and legs. It will give soft smooth skin.
Take one tablespoon of cornflakes with almond oil or milk and grind into a paste. Apply this paste to face. Wash off after 15 minutes.
Mix 1 tsp. of butter and 1 tsp of water. Apply over the dry parts of skin. Leave for 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
Mash half of an avocado and smooth over the face. Leave for 10 minutes and then gently remove with damp cloth.

Oily Skin face masks:
One-tablespoon honey, one tablespoon Fuller's Earth (multani mitti) and one-tablespoon rose water. Mix together and apply on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes. Apply once a week but If your skin is too oily use twice a week.
Use a beaten egg white and mixed with 1 tsp lemon juice. Apply this mask on the face, and then wash off warm water.
Mix one tsp tomato pulp and two-tablespoon potato flour. Apply this paste on the face. Leave on 15 minutes and then remove gently with warm water.

Normal Skin facemasks:
Use a beaten egg white and mixed with 2 tsp almond oil. Smooth over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on 15 minutes, and then remove gently with water.
Blend 1egg white, 2 tsp vegetables oils and 1 tsp apple juice. Smooth over the face, and then wash off after 15 minutes.
Mash raw papaya and smooth over the face and throat. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and then splash face with cool water.


Friday, March 25, 2011


     The musk melon or cantaloupe is a perfect summer fruit. Its high water content can help take care of fluid loss that our body goes through due to perspiration in this season. It also helps combat heat in the body and prevents heat related disorders during summer.  
      If you are someone who is constantly counting calories, you should go the musk melon way. This fruit is good for people who want to lose weight because it isn’t high in calories or sugar, and can work as great snack for those in between mealtimes when hunger tugs you towards unhealthy food items. It has significant amount of fibre and helps you feel full quickly, and also helps sustain that feeling for considerable amount of time. It taste good and be a great addition to fruit salads and custards. So a quickly weight loss programme ought to include musk melon.

      Musk melon can take care of your skin, too. It contains Vit A, which is useful in manufacturing healthy skin. The fruit contain folic acid and therefore especially important for pregnant women. It helps to create healthy fetuses and can ever prevent cervical cancer and osteoporosis. Also the folic acid present in musk melon helps fight depression. Musk melon have yellow orange colored soft and succulent flesh and fruits is high in dietary fibre and helps people who suffering from constipation. It is concentrated with excellent level of beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium and Vit A and C. so, if you are looking for healthy and younger skin, this is what you should include in your daily diet. The potassium content helps to excrete sodium, and thus brings down high blood pressure. This fruit is great for menstruating women as it helps to reduce heavy flow and clots. 

        Food chemistry -Cantaloupes are a source of polyphenol antioxidants, chemicals which are known to provide certain health benefits to the cardiovascular system and immune system. These chemicals are known to regulate the formation of nitric oxide, a key chemical in promoting health of the endothelium and prevention of heart attacks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stay healthy the Natural Way…!!!

Want to make greener, safer choices for a healthier Life? Here are host of natural, Eco-friendly ways to boost your well being.
For a rich conditioner, warm ½ cup of apricot kernel or sweet almond oil and massage it into your hair. Mayonnaise is an excellent deep conditioning treatment. Leave on your hair for up to one hour.
Disguise thinning hair- crack open an egg over your hair, massage then rinse. The extra protein will give your hair extra body.
Massage your scalp with apple juice- its natural fruits acids will help to get rid of dandruff.
Rub avocado which contains lecithin, into dry or damaged hair.

Steep chamomile tea bags in boiling water. When cool apply them in puffy eyes.
Reduce dark under-eye circles with compress or eyebath of eyebright (euphrasia available in some homeopathic outlets).
Soothes swollen eyelids with a mask of cooled mashed potato.

Gargle with cold black tea. The tannin in tea strengthens gums.
Fresh strawberries give your tooth whitening boost.
Treat mouth ulcer with gargling sweet root decoction.
Chew fennel seeds to beat bad breathe.
To fight plaque, mix a tsp of aloe Vera gel into warm water gargle.

These natural steps will revitalize your skin, enhancing the glow and smooth feel.
Remove dead skin cells by brushing your body with a loofah. Use gentle, circular strokes.
Smooth almond oil over your body for 15 min, then gently buff in water.
Soften any leathery, discolored skin by soaking cotton squares in lemon juice, and then massage them into your knees. Place your elbows in the pre-squeezed lemon. For 5 mins then rinse.
Treat rough, bumpy skin on the back of your arms and legs by spreading sour cream over the area for 10 mins, then rinse.
For dry, cracked hands combine two boiled and mashed potatoes with 1tbsp vegetable glycerin and enough milk to make paste. Massage into your hands leave for 5 mins and rinse.
For softer skin, put a handful of rice bran into a clean cut-off stocking, knot at the top, and drop it into the bath to release the vitamin-rich oils.

Smooth apricot kernel oil around your eyes to prevent wrinkling.
Restore your skin’s pH balance by dabbing on diluted apple cider vinegar.
Try aromatherapy oils such as geranium, chamomile, rose and sandalwood.
Apply moisturizer to slightly damp skin. It will spread more easily.

If you’re prone to cold sores, avoid eating nuts, seeds, and chocolate. They contain arginine, an amino acids that may trigger the problem.
When tingling starts hold an ice cube against the spot.

Use menthol based ointment to increase circulation- it spreads healing and reduces discoloration.
Apply an ice pack quickly- cooling constricts the blood vessels.
Those with low Vit C may bruise more easily so eat lots of citrus, green capsicum, kiwi fruit, spinach and broccoli.
If you can, avoid aspirin or antihypertensive drug-they may increase bruising.

Relieve a painful tooth by dabbing few drops of clove oil on or near it.
Soothe sinus pain by pressing your thumbs firmly on both side of your nose. Hold for 30seconds and repeat.
For urinary tract infection- drink cranberry juice- Cranberries contain chemicals that prevent bacteria from staying in the urinary tract.
If you have dry irritated skin, simply dip clean cloth in a little chilled milk and dab on the affected area.

Get involved- helping others will take your mind off your own troubles.
Voluntary work- picks a cause you’re passionate about, and match it to your skills and interests. Saving injured wildlife, monitor the environments.

Take a break during your work day with self help technique-
Place fingers on base of your neck, on either side of your spine. Press for 15mins, take a deep breathe in and out. Move your fingers 2cm outwards, and then repeat. Move your fingers another 2cm outwards and repeat.

Keep lives interesting- doing something new will give your mind a refreshing makeover:
Start an evening class. Learn something new. Turn off TV and go for long walk.

ENERGY REGENERATION- Though we cannot avoid stress, we can reduce its impact on our health. And we can restore equilibrium without any medical intervention or stimulants. These natural tips help to put the balance back.

Relaxation techniques-
Sitting Meditation
Meditation exerts a powerfully calming effect on the body as well as the mind, neutralizing stress, slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and balancing brainwave patterns.
Foot massage-
In this soothing treatment, the combination of heat and small pressure points from the pebbles will stimulate and revitalize tired feet. Place smooth pebbles or marbles in the bottom of a large bowl, and cover with water as hot as you can bear. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. Put your feet in the bowel and roll them back and forth over the pebbles, applying gentle pressure.

For a healthy source of nerve soothing minerals, snack on dried organic apricots. Sip on chamomile, valerian, lime flower or lemon balm tea.
Move vigorously. Aerobic activity, preferably outdoors, helps metabolize the stress hormones created when we’re angry or stressed.