KEEP YOUR HEART ON A SONG….Lead a life filled with love & cherished moments.

You may be young and upwardly mobile. But now you live can have an influence on your heart health. A happy heart is also healthy body.

ADD SOME TLC – Tender loving care is a valuable elements in healing and staying well. Friends, family and a good social network are essential to all of us. Your needs can be met by so many others who are already in your life.

MOVE YOUR BODY – Add one form of physical movement – exercise or dance to your day. Decide now to commit an hour a day. Move your body; it needs to feel the joy of movement.

 MIND IT – We have all made decisions in advance about life and how we would react when faced with certain situation. Some of these advanced decisions are great at keeping us on track.

LET IT GO – If you are holding on excess weight let it go. Deciding that weight has served its purposed in the past and now it time go of it together with emotional weight you have been carrying is the first step. Decide in advance how much you are going to drink and eat based on your commitment to your looks and your health.

STICK TO IT – When you have decided to walk for an hour every day, it makes it easier for you to stick to your commitment. Buy an extra pair of running shoes to leave in your car or in your office, so you never have an excuse. 

PEP UP PLEASURE – Add simple pleasures to your day, perhaps a short drive, reading a book, a cream or a cottage that smells good, listening to your happy favorite song. 

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART BEAT – Be grateful how lucky you are to have this time of pure selfishness to truly to be with yourself. Develop spiritual practices like meditating, centering and conscious breathing. Give yourself time every day to connect with your higher self and to go within. If you have never experienced what that feels like, try to silent for a while and place your hand on your hear, feel that beat and see if you can even hear it.