Kids and concentration...

This four years went quite smoothly for me and Manas (my 6 year old ), arrival of our second child and going to grade 1 and starting full time school and my work all things got messed up.

Every day i have to say ....
Can't you just stop fidgeting and finish your home work?
i am sure we've all asked our children this at least few dozen times while they are studying.

i know as i am mother of two boys, who are vibrant fun loving,talkative and stubborn.

Its often challenge for me to get him to sit in one place, focus on his homework and finish it without getting too distracted.As he is extreme in his nature sometimes he ll do it few minutes and sometimes he ll take hours and hours to finish simple task.

Children's are naturally energetic and we cannot expect them to focus completely. And my son only sits for hours only while reading, and that only positive for me.

They get bored easily and quietly shift their attention t something more interesting - unlike adults , where we complete task whether we like it or not.

WHAT IS CONCENTRATION ? .........Paying attention and learning to focus.
                          Concentration equals to Self regulation and self discipline.

Technique to improve and increase concentration in kids ..

1)Playing help in building concentration- keep away all gadgets and allow them to play with regular toys
a) Thinking games like crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles card games - memory and Uno.
actually improve attention for words, numbers and pictures.
b) Sequencing- setting table and putting things in alphabetical order
c)Just sit - another concentration game in this is "Statue".

2) Prepare environment - understanding what kind of environment your child prefer to study is the first step in increasing concentration
a) ambience- soft music, soft lightning
b) all gadgets to be switched off.

3) Reachable material -Keep everything that is required of hand so that your child does not need to get up to get anything.

4) Healthy eating - Eating junk food or food rich in sugar makes a child sluggish, while food rich in protein such as almonds, eggs,walnut
turmeric, salmon, Rosemary green leafy veg olive oil, coconut oil, celery,Broccoli, blue berry beet, avocado are memory enhancing.

5) Routines are important - I try best to plan for Manas, he comes back 4 pm then play and then by 6 he starts home work or study.
and by 8.30 pm he ll go to bed. It is important to maintain schedule for your child.
This not only helps with time management but also helps programme your child brain to know when he has to study.

6) Naps and breaks boost concentration- 20 mins break after school is boost concentration.Bathroom breaks, hunger pangs should 
be taken care before study.

7) Divide bigger task to smaller task -instead of studying entire chapter break down into paragraphs and pages.

8) Understanding your child's method of learning - visual, auditory,kinesthetic

9) Prepare child for next task -when child is busy tell him what he have to do next, but allow a few minutes.

10) Set short time goals - like certain pages in certain minutes.
Average concentration time for adult is 45 minutes and for children it will be less, it will be wise to have shorter time limits
15 to 20 minutes.

11) Reward system - it can be praise, token, or any other liked things.

12) Allow time for distraction-giving them to went out their energy help them to focus better.
13) Use energy effectively -Some children are energy in the morning while other have high energy in evening 

Parenting tips

1) Setting limit- helps kid to pay attention to you.

2)Saying, Please repeat what i said - increase your child's memory.

3) Providing order not chaos -helps kids to know what to expect.

4)Doing what you say - helps kid to know that you are consistent.

5)Speaking in kind voice -help kids to listen to your words.

6)Acting firm when setting limits - helps kids know you mean it.

At last we parents need patience and patience and lots of patience ..... :)


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