Home Remedies - Hypertension , CVS.

HYPERTENSION means high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force exerted by the flowing blood on the arterial walls.
The cause of blood cannot be ascertained in most cases. Such high blood pressure where the cause is not known is known as primary hypertension or essential hypertension. In other cases hypertension may be complication of other systemic diseases. It is known as secondary hypertension.

Some factors that contribute to hypertension are obesity, alcohol, stress, steroids, oral contraceptive pills and diabetes mellitus.

Normal blood pressure of healthy young adult is 120/80 mm of Hg. The upper reading is known as systolic pressure which is the pressure exerted on the arterial walls when the heart is in the state of contraction.The second reading is the diastolic pressure which is pressure exerted on arterial walls when the heart is in the state of relaxation. A persistent high systolic blood pressure of over 140 or the diastolic pressure above 90 would be considered as high blood pressure. However, in younger adults persistent blood pressure of 130/90 should also be considered as high blood pressure.

Signs & symptoms:
Most cases could be asymptomatic whereas in others following signs and symptoms could be present.
*Headache *Irritability * Palpitation * Giddiness.

Home remedies: For secondary Hypertension the underlying cause has to be dealt with first. For primary hypertension, following remedial measures can be adapted.
·         *Garlic is the herb of choice not only to treat hypertension but many other cardiovascular diseases. Peel and crush 3-4 cloves of garlic and take them with buttermilk.
·         *Take a handful of leaves of drumstick and boil them in little water. Grind it and have it like soup twice a day after food. Preferably do not add salt.
·        * Mix 1tea spoon of onion juice with1/2 tea spoon of honey. Have this solution twice a day. Both onion and garlic have adenosine which has relaxing effect on muscles. So these two products can be generously taken in diet as well. However garlic is more potent then onion.
·         *Eat 1 papaya on empty stomach daily for one month. Do not eat after anything for about  2 hrs.

Diet & Life style consideration:-
·         Reduce weight by cutting down animal fat and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Brisk walking for 45 mins is an easy and effective form of exercise for many patients.
·       Eat whole wheat bran breads. If you are obese use bajra or millets instead of wheat.
·          Excess salt is best avoided. Salt causes water retention in the body which in turn causes increase in blood pressure. Avoid all food items which have high qualities of salt e.g. pickles, pappads, chips, dry fish, and all dried preserved food. If possible use rock salt instead of sea salt in food. If cutting down food makes you tasteless, try adding lemon, amchur(dryraw mango powder) herbs and unsalted seasoning to flavor the food instead.
·          Meditate or listen to some soothing music everyday for 30 mins.
·          Try to quit smoking and drinking.

·         Include dry raw curry leaves, cucumber with skin, radish with leaves, lemon etc in salads.


  1. Actually, with Cushing's one doesn't have to overeat to gain weight.

  2. Yes, Its is one of the cause of obesity . which is already mentioned in article obesity an Evil.


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