Bust A Myth, Get a Benefit….!!!

            Few subjects harbor more myths and misconceptions than nutrition. Some of the most common:

“Low Fat” Means “healthy.” Low foods can be healthy but not always. The problem? Many processed foods that are low in fat are high in sugar, which gives you extra calories and may cause swings in your blood sugar level, this makes you gain weight and lose energy and may raise your risk of several diseases. Some people believe “low fat” means Eat all you want.

                   I remember a dieting patient who was puzzled because he was gaining weight. He mentioned he was a low fat cake. When I asked him how much he replied, “Oh, one or two.” “One or two pieces?” “No one or two cakes!”

                  An ideal diet is low in fat and low in sugar. Most people can enjoy high-sugar, high fat treats on occasion, but if you indulge one day, be sure to eat healthier next.

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