A Silent Killer…!!!! Know your blood pressure and do whatever it takes to get it down.

           Your blood pressure numbers are even important than your cholesterol. And you can lower it yourself. The best way? Getting a little exercise and losing some belly fat. 
        Why belly fat? The omentum is what hangs over the stomach. The fat that’s stored there feeds kidneys, liver and other vital organs. Here the hypothesis. When you gain weight, you add inside relatively rigid “kidney capsule”. This fat pushes on the kidney, so it says, “Hey I need more blood pressure to drive blood through because I am getting squeezed by the fat.” So it releases hormones that caused increased blood pressure.
       When you lose little of that fat, even with just a few kilos weight loss, your blood pressure goes down really fast. Cutting back on salt may help, but for some people reducing sugar and saturated fat in the diet may even help more.
“Those who have diabetes and a family history of hypertension should check their blood pressure regularly.”