Crash and Burn.. Fad diets are exactly just that- a fad.

Crash and Burn... Stick to scientifically proven methods of weight loss, which means a healthy diet and plenty of exercise...

We all want to lose weight fast. It might be because there is party around the corner & you want to squeeze into that great dress you bought. Or maybe you are getting married soon & you want to look fantastic in your wedding photos.
Most likely though, it’s because you find it hard to maintain a long –term diet and exercise plan, so it seems easier to go on a crash diet whenever you find your clothes getting too tight…If this method sounds too good to be true- using words like “guaranteed” and “secret” and promises fantastic results, it’s probably just hot air. You may wonder why they don’t work. After all they all result in reduction in calories, which is what causes weight loss. Slashing your daily calories to below 1,000 can make the scales drops, but it will also backfire you later.
When u doesn’t have enough calories, you are not able to exercise effectively because burning your muscle, which weakens you. As you burn muscles you are slowing your metabolism. Once you stop dieting, you will find that your metabolism remains at that pace and you burn calories slower than before. This is why you gain your weight back even faster when you come off a crash diet.
You can’t escape exercise.. You can lose weight rapidly, but you have to do it safely and be absolutely committed to sticking to it in the long term. It’s very simple: simply burn more calories than you eat. You cannot achieve this just by dieting alone, but with combination of increasing physical activities and eating fever calories. You will need almost an hour a day of moderate exercise in order to lose weight. The most effective calorie burning exercise is Cardiac exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, brisk walking and any thing that gets your heart rate ups. Doing an hour may be easy, but its more important to increase the intensity of your exercise so that you sweat for the entire hour. You also need to include few hours in muscle strengthening. Which ll also increases your flexibility n strengthens muscles as Yoga.
Smart Eating.. When it comes to your diet, what you eat is as much as important as how much you eat. Don’t just blindly reduce your total food intake- it’s smarter to cut down certain types of food that contribute the most calories to your daily diet.
1)Reduce Carbohydrates likes Rice, noodles, breads, potatoes, and cereals, However do not encourage to cutting them out altogether, as they provide you with daily energy. Try to choose whole grain versions.
2) Cut down on high-sugar stuff & avoid adding sugar into your meals or drinks. As much as possible, trim the fat from meats and dairy food.
3) Include vegetable, egg whites, soy products, fish, low fat dairy products & lean meat (without the skin, or the breast portion). Protein will give you energy with fewer fat calories minimize muscles loss and maximize fat loss.

You should be able to comfortably achieve cutting back on 500 calories a day with a moderate exercise regime and healthier eating habits. The minimum level of calories you need a day is 1,200Kcal, but do not go down to less than 1,500calories a day.

By being disciplined and sticking to moderate intense-but safe plan, you can lose at least one-and-a-half kgs a week.

Just try it.. :)