How to get the most of what best life can offer?

Everyone deserves better and better ask it, demand it what is rightfully yours, believes in it. You ll get best.
Many books are written on this “what u think all the day determines what you are” Power of thoughts brings Fame, Fortune and Happiness ‘
Some points for it 
§ Belief system – Change your limiting belief
§ Raise your standards
§Change your strategy
§Emotional Mastery
§ Physical Mastery
§Relationship Mastery
§Financial Mastery
§ Time mastery.

My idea of multi directed growth. Why some of us live up to our dreams while others fail and how to live our live our dreams the fullest.
I think Conscious decision making is must to shape our destiny
Three things control § what to focus on
§ What things mean to you
§ What to do to create the results you desire
Our mental attitude towards the objective we are struggling for has everything to do with attaining it. If you want to become prosperous, you must first believe that you are made for success and happiness. That there is divinity in you that will, if u follow it will bring you into the light of prosperity. Erase all shadows of doubts and fears, and any suggestion of poverty and failure from the depths of your mind. When you have become master of your thoughts, when u learned to dominate your mind, you ll be on the road to success.
I wish to tell you something more on it why this differs to every individual: - You can give name to this is “THE NIAGARA SYNDROME “
“Life is like a river, and that most people jump on the river of life without ever really deciding where they want to end up. So in short period of time, they get caught up in the current: Current events, current events, current fear, and current challenges. When they come to forks in the river, they don’t consciously decide where they want to go, or which the right direction for them is. They merely “go with the flow “They become part of mass of the people who are directed by the environment instead by their own values. As a result they feel out of control. They remain in this unconscious state until one day sound of ragging water awakens them, and they discover that they1re 5 feet from Niagara Falls in boat with no oars. At this point, they say “Oh shoot!” But by then it’s too late. They are going to take fall. Sometimes its emotional fall. Sometimes it’s a physical fall. Sometimes its financial fall. It’s like ly that whatever challenges you have in your life currently could have been avoided by some better decisions upstream.
Brain has already constructed an internal system of making decisions:-
But people are not aware of it. This based on 5 things
1) Your core beliefs and unconscious rules
2) Your life rules
3) Your references
4) The habitual question that you ask for yourself
5) And the emotional states.

Setting up an enterprise --The easy way: How was it (before the invent of internet) and how is it now…
Can’t say for this..Maybe now a daze..Everything’s is easy but competitive. I can say one thing, never lose single opportunity to explore you and never lose customer (you lost one). And one more thing, If trying something you will not lose anything then just do it. 