Cheese that tops Heart- Healthy Diet....Pick up your.

Say Cheese for the Best… No matter how you slice it, cheese has benefits other than tasting delicious. Find out which tops a heart-healthy diet.

Find out from 8 popular cheeses each of 30gm servings, which have lowest overall fat content. But they must still be packed with muscle-building protein. Cheese can sodium mine, so find one that has highest content of sodium. The best cheese is high in bone builders like calcium and low in calories—so you can enjoy them without guilt.

1) Parmesan: - 7gm fat + 10gm protein + 454mg sodium.

2) Cheddar: - 9gm fat + 7 gm protein.

3) Mozzarella: - 5gm fat + 7gm protein + 175mg sodium +72calories + 222mg calcium.

4) Brie: - 8gm fat + 6gm protein.

5) American: - 7gm fat + 6gm protein.

6) Cottage: - 1gm fat + 14gm protein + 459mg sodium.

7) Swiss: - 8gm fat + 8gm protein + 54mg sodium +108calories + 224mg calcium.

8) Colby: - 9gm fat + 7gm protein.

So your cheesy Champion is ….MOZZARELLA ( made from fresh cow’s milk ).