Why to study Oriental Sciences..???The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.

 India’s Life today appears to depend on the West – the developed world – for supply of everything which it needs in order to take part of what we call modern civilization. With each passing year, India makes greater and greater demands on the West, both for concrete manufactures and technical know-how. The thoughtful and serious-minded Westerner, however, will be able to see a different and truer picture of India’s contribution.

The natural range of temperature of temperature moisture, availability of water, shows an atmosphere which is very suitable to all living beings. The climates elsewhere in the world do not allow the man to live without artificial heating or cooling of the residential environment. In these parts of world, clothing and residential protection required is also more. Similarly the conditions for natural growth of agricultural products are also not much favorable. In India, naturally favorable ecological factors are present. Hence it can be assumed that the beginning of mankind or even that of other life.
The oriental sciences which grasp facts of life constant and consistent. Ayurveda also does not change its fundamentally accepted principles every now and then. The developed sciences at present are changing their concepts every now and then, and are calling this progress. It is seen that if “drug of choice” thirty years back is regarded as “drug worth rejection” ten years after, then the method and approach of accepting that particular drug as the “drug of choice” needs consideration. And if this is continued for 50 to 60 years, then it must be stated that it is not the drug but the approach that needs reconsideration. As this is the common fact in the medical profession worldwide, they are eager to find reliable method of understanding these factors. Therefore people are eager to learn oriental sciences.  Since the cells are consistent then drugs (stimuli) designed for this should be consistent. And this is the theme of the science of Life called Ayurveda. It has established certain methods to examine prepare and describe foods, the drugs and behaviors that are totally helpful to stage of health and disease. And it has not changed the principles to maintain health or the principles to treat the disease since its inception. The Orientals have everlasting character as against the ever changing, non-Orientals. All the sciences in East have their independent origin and therefore, it is worthwhile to study them including the science of positive health – Ayurveda. The present day sciences are laying more emphasis on analytical view. But the oriental sciences do not give that much weight to this. Instead of giving importance to various ingredients, Ayurveda give more weight to the total effect of any substance on being or individual. The biochemistry, for instance may not be able to find a difference between the diverse effects produced by consumption of vegetable oil and ghee. But the fact is that, the effects of both are quite different. If the ghee and oil are biochemically similar, then why are their effects on the human body not similar? Similarly Ayurveda understanding of Ushna(hot) or Sheet(cold), describes totally different quality not so far discovered by biochemistry.
In diet there are varieties of pulses in use. But certain pulses are maximally absorbed while others, not only help for mere absorption but also help for adding bulk of stools and formation of more gas. In all these examples, if biochemical analysis does not provide a guide for different effects that are actually seen, then it must be due do certain qualities. Ayurveda has mentioned all these qualities by which different effects can be scientifically explained. There are so many causes contribution that are not even touched by the so called modern sciences, but are scientifically and professionally elaborated by Ayurveda.
It is important to understand the basic difference in the format of oriental and non oriental sciences. Understanding the concept as whole and find a probable and vulnerable comparison. While describing various Ayurvedic principles, it is not possible to provide exact dictionary parallel. So it is important to understand the  basic concept.
 "Only the healing art enables one to make a name for himself and at the same time give benefit to others."


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