In your out your sypmtoms.. fastest growing cancer in India.. !!!

In your gut …It’s the fastest growing cancer in India. In recent years, the way we live & how we eat have been taking the rap for numerous healths hazardous, ranging from obesity to diabetes. But in the case of colon cancer, which is now making urban Indians its victims. It has been observed that the incidence of colon cancer starts to rise sharply after the age of 50. With life expectancy in India hitting 64 years, this explains why an increasing number of Indians are being diagnosed with colon cancer. Indians are becoming aware to colon cancer.

Pay heed to symptoms... “Diet, smoking, alcohol, and environmental factors play a significant role in increasing colorectal cancer risk; never-theless it is difficult to quantify the risk of individual factors as there is always interaction with hereditary factors”. Unfortunately in the early stages, colon cancer gives rise to no or minimal symptoms.

At times you can found symptoms as a change in bowel habits like a prolonged bout of constipation, diarrhea or a feeling of abdominal fullness. Many people ignore such non-specific symptoms, attributing it to a seafood meal the night before or stress at the office. Another common symptom is rectal bleeding. Initially the amount of bleeding may be very small and may not be detected from stool examination, but can be picked out by an easy-to-perform test- the fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The other commonly used screening tests include sigmoidoscopy. There are also alternative screening options as Barium enema, virtual colonoscopy/CT colography and fecal DNA analysis. Knowing your family history is thus very important. People with positive family history of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) are at higher risk and must opt for check up.

Live right:-

@Scientist have long examined the relationship between colon cancer and dietary habits and the conclusive evidence is that high-energy consumption or a high-calorie diet and resultant obesity makes person more vulnerable to colon cancer.

@More common those who eat refined food with no dietary fibers.

@ Keep your eye on red meat intake. Its consumption has to be limited to under 500gm per week.

@ Include roughage-rich foods in your daily diet, such as whole wheat, corn bran, fresh fruits, flax seeds and vegetables such as celery, green beans, potato skin and tomato peel. Roughage helps to correct bowel disorders and keeps it functioning normally. In the absence of roughage, toxins may accumulate and increase risk.

@If you are having a hamburger, make sure you will order salad with it. Spend some time at a local grocery store near you.

@Walk more and shun a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise regularly. Really there is no alternative!!!