A WAYS TO TRIM an INCH…To drop belt notch or two, just follow one of these simple, surefire steps.

                To drop belt notch or two, just follow one of these simple, surefire steps.
1)      Make waves: - Swimming burns fewer calories than running, but as you’re suspended in water, you can go on longer. Thirty minutes front crawl everyday for six weeks will burn off an inch.
2)      Get booted: - Ninety minutes of football burns 1,500 calories. In just six weeks, you’ll be an inch nearer that call from one of the national clubs.
3)      Suck it in:-Holding pressure for 30 seconds will help flatten your stomach. Three sets of 30 a day for two months will see you one inch slimmer.
4)      Start big: - Making breakfast the biggest meal of the day can reduce overall calorie intake by 10%. Just 2 months of it will strip an inch off your waistline.
5)      Be a GI Joe: - Low glycaemic index foods, like fruits and pulses, can cut calorie intake by a quarter. An inch gone in month.
6)      Move it: - Lost weight four times quicker through daily, light exercise burst.
7)      Squat: - Do 3 sets of 12 squats with a barbell each day for six weeks to shed an inch.
8)      Dine early: - Sleeping within an hour of dinner can pile on up to 1kg a month. Sleep light for two months.
9)      Pedal power: - A 30 minute bicycle run burns 3,000 calories a week, so 5 weeks will recycle that inch.
10)   Small change:-Switching to low fat dairy and meat product shaved 0.45kg a fortnight. One month does it.
11)   Come dancing: - At 500calories an hour, three two hour grooves a week for five weeks will do.
12)   Milk it: - Half a litre of filling skimmed milk mid morning and afternoon can cut 300 cals a day. Six weeks skim an inch.
13)   Swinging it: - a three hour round of golf twice a week will put the porky pros to shame in just 35 days.
14)   Pack protein: - Eating low fat, high protein foods such as fish and skimmed milk boost weight loss. Get 40% of your calories from protein packed foods to five weeks.
15)   Pre supper sweat: - Intense exercising before meals suppresses appetite, cutting food intake by up to 10%. Sample 20 minute ‘starter’ runs for nine weeks.
16)   Go green: - Drink green tea before you exercise. The beverage frees fatty acids, so you burn fat more easily. Two large cups daily for seven weeks.
17)   Moral fibre: - switching to high fibre diet has been shown to reduce daily calorie intake by up to a third. Three-and-a-half weeks of eating wholemeal pass your spare inch on to the porcelain.
18)   Step up: - walk up and down three flights of stairs five times a day and burn 200 calories. Three months and you are an inch short.
19)   Swap slices: - forgot the cheese and pepperoni pizzas and go for vegetable and mushroom pizza. At a fifth of the calories, 14 switches do it.
20)   On the court: - tennis burns 470 calories an hour, so a two hour session three times a week ditches that inch in six.
21)   Jump to it: - “Rope skipping works your whole body, develops intense core strength and rock-hard abs. just 20 minutes daily for six weeks will lead to looser trousers.

     Try one of these..... !!!!



  2. Hello Sharayu...yes but try to be firm and practice it regularly, you will get benifits.


  3. :) luvved reading it; surely will help me a lot; want more in this topic.

  4. Hello Rakesh...
    It will help you, pick one which is convinient and do it till necessary period. Try to follow in schedule.


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