The Secret key Ingredient !!! Olive Oil in Indian cuisine...!!!

The easiest change you can make…Even with a regular Indian diet, you can prevent heart problems, fight cancer and increase life expectancy.

The secret Ingredient: OLIVE OIL.
Olive oil is universally accepted as a miracle food. Poets have sung about it, doctors have raved about it and chefs cannot do without it. The whole world has switched to Olive oil for its daily cooking. Why not us?

Because, for some reason, no one took the trouble to educate us! No one told us there are different grades of Olive Oil for different uses. No one explained to us how exactly Olive Oil’s unique properties benefit our health. So, we continue to believe in myths that convinced us Olive Oil wasn’t the right for Indian homes.

Olive Oil can be used for Indian cooking, if you use right grade. We tend to pick up Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the shelves because we’ve heard it’s the best oil. Best flavor, sure, but not best for Indian cuisine! When we tried to cook Indian cuisine with Extra Virgin, we found that the taste changed! No one told us that Extra Virgin is somewhat heavy and viscous oil, when compared to other grades of Olive Oil, and is the best suited for raw use in dressings, dips and flavourings.

In fact it’s the humble Olive Pomace Oil is the cooking grade oil. Pomace oil is used all over Italy, spain, and the Mediterranean for every type of cooking. It is light oil with neutral taste and flavor. Olive Pomace oil can be used for all methods, type and varieties of Indian cooking it is neither changes the taste nor presents any difficulties while cooking. Indian cuisine whether fried, roasted, or cooked by any other method, tastes as good as Olive Pomace Oil as with the usual refined oil in your kitchen.
It is true that Extra Virgin Olive oil has a low smoking point. Many of its antioxidants are lost when it is heated. The best use of Extra Virgin is raw, when the full benefits of its flavor and health attributes can be experienced.
Olive Pomace Oil however has a smoking point of 238degreeC, one of the highest amongst culinary oils. Its benefits are especially apparent when frying at between 130 and 238 degree C. At these temperatures, Olive oil forms a crisp golden crust, making the fried food much more appetizing but without affecting its nutritional value. During the process, the oil hardly penetrates the food, leaving it light and digestible. It may be reused 3-4 times as long as it is filtered carefully after each use through gauze, muslin or suitable paper filter.

Olive Oil is not too expensive, if you use the right grade and use it correctly! Your doctor may tell you that you can’t put a price tag on good health but the one you see on olive oil sure pinches!! Don’t be misled by the price tag because, even though Olive Oil costs more than other edible oils, it is economical to use since it is used in 1/3rd the quantity of other edible oil. Since Olive Oil has a high smoking point, it can also be reused 3-4 times.

Used in1/3rd the quantity and reusable 3 times, the effective cost of Olive Oil is 1/9th its actual price. Moreover, make sure you us the right grade of Olive Oil for the right purpose.

Greatest fact of all: - Olive oil is the World Healthiest Cooking Oil. Prevent Heart Problems, Increase Life Expectancy!!

With low saturated “bad” fats and the highest content of mono unsaturated “good” fats amongst all oils, Olive Oil reduces LDL or bad cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease and diabetes. Olive oil is also packed with anti oxidant that fight against cancer, reduces the effect of aging and increase life expectancy significantly.

Making OLIVE OIL a part of your daily cooking can bring instant and easy wellness to your family’s diet.


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