EAT YOURSELF THIN..!! In pre and post Workout.

When you eat is as important as what you eat. Get your time right; the fat will fall. You eat less and work out more, but that trouser belt sticks to you like a stubborn piece of dough. You know that if you want to lose weight. Eating fewer calories than you burn is the way to go, right? Wrong. If ir were, then the obesity problem would be one of those redundant phrases – like ten paise, free parking and pretty please. Your body is more complex than that. Take biscuits for example. A high-sugar biscuit and a brown rice salad may contain the same amount of calories, but after a workout the biscuit is actually put to better use than the salad, as it goes straight to your muscles. Here is the science behind building a lean, muscular body around the clock.

1) Eat within one hour of waking up. It is at this time that your body sets its metabolism for the day. Skipping on food on this crucial hour sets your body to starvation mode, which means anything you eat afterwards will be stored as fat. And that roll around your midriff will just get bigger. EAT THIS – Fill your plate with high-quality protein, slow-digesting carbohydrates and healthy fats. Protein stops muscle breakdown and provides row material for laying down new muscles, carbohydrates replenish energy stores without elevating blood sugar and healthy fats assure your body that there’s more coming, letting it burn stored.

2) Eat every three hours after breakfast, light meal. Waiting more than four hours between meals cause your blood sugar levels drop way too low, leaving you weak irritable and tired. To combat this, your body secrets cortisol, a hormone that boosts blood-sugar levels. But one of the ways it does this is by converting muscle protein to sugar – what exercise scientist called muscle wasting. EAT THIS – always include protein, with either healthy fats or slow-digesting carbohydrates, but preferably both. Protein is the major player here, since up to 30% of its calories are burned during digestion, compared with 8% of carbs and 2% of its fats. The recommendations for this time zone may include snacks, lunch and even dinner, depending on the time of day you exercise.

3) Drink chocolate milk after your workout, the devils work-biscuits, chocolate and cake are more angelic at this time of the day. Your body needs fast-digesting carbs. A workout changes your body’s priorities: as sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream, it’s shuttled to your muscles instead of being used as fuel and is stored there. This forces your body to accelerate the rate at which it burns fat for energy.EAT THIS- combine high quality of protein with fast digesting carbs. Immediately after you finish exercising, opt for a liquid meal, which speeds the absorption of protein and carbs into your blood stream. Researchers at the Texas Medical Branch found that 6gm of essential amino acids and 35gms carbs is an ideal combination for promoting muscle growth. That’s almost identical to 350ml of chocolate milk. Two hours after your workout, eat some solids- it’s the best time to get eat sphagheti. If you exercise before breakfast, use your post work out drink as a pre workout booster; eat breakfast as soon as you can then eat every three hours meals after that.

An example of clock diet: Your hourly plans, to burn more fat, add fish oil to any meal. In one study, 3gm of the stuff a day boosted metabolism by up to 400calories. That’s enough to lose merely 1/2kg a week.

6.30am Breakfast – Omelet (with pepper & onion, cooked in olive oil) green tea.

9.30am Snack- Apple with a chunk of cheese.

12.30pm Lunch – Chicken and vegetable stir-fry.

3.30pm Snack – cottage cheese or plain yoghurt with diced pineapple.

5.30pm Work out.6.15pm Post-workout drink – 1 pint chocolate milk.

8.15pm Dinner – Chicken breast with pasta and spinach salad.

Eat yourself thin, and build muscles…!!!!


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