Indian ancient view on Aphrodisiac food...!!

Eat Indian Aphrodisiac food….Our ancient wisdom bestows boosting powers on the ingredients in your kitchen. Read on to harness the force of these everyday aphrodisiacs.

First a poser: what is Indian word for aphrodisiac? Well, at first it fogged us, but once you dug deeper we get this as Vajikaran, the Sanskrit word which mentioned In Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda, defines aphrodisiac any substance that restores or increases sexual power and desire. As with all these ancient Indian, the basis for this is rather more scientific than the belief in Oysters, rhino horn etc, a belief that depletes wild life.

Indian aphrodisiac, on other hand, are everyday work horses: things like ashwagandha, methi, kapikachu, masha, karjur,hibiscus,ghee, saffron, and shatavari are listed among them. However, their purpose is not exclusively increase pleasure, as it comes different in Indian context. Indian aphrodisiac also work to improve quality of semen and breast milk. Chiefly, the aphrodisiac foods do this by putting more nutrition to your body rather than through putting some energizing spell on your manhood. Food has been known to scientifically affect a man’s moods. Just as there are mood foods, sleep inducing food, and anti-ageing foods (rich in anti-oxidant), there are aphrodisiac foods like banana, milk, honey, almonds etc. It is the amino acids profile that contributes to this quality. “As for that feeling of romance, that must come from the heart, even when your body is all pumped up. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are the substances that give you a shot of strength, which is why you are recommended a protein shake before a workout. That may explain why it is a practice in certain regions of India to leave a glass of milk and plate of almond in a couple’s wedding night chamber. Think of this chain reaction: Milk and almonds both give you protein; protein is needed for making hormones; testosterone and oestrogen.

The aphrodisiac qualities of specific foods, linking their effects to personality types- satvik(noble/pure), rajsik(passionate/energetic), tamsik(demonic/ignorant). Rajsik foods, or elixirs and aphrodisiac are ideally suited to individuals with a larger-than-life appetite. Indian men in ancient times sought aphrodisiac foods to cure sexual dysfunction, sexual inadequacies and infertility; getting more pleasure out of sex was not the primary aim. This is largely because procreation was viewed as a moral and religious issue. Ancient text too, distinguishes between substances that scientifically enhance fertility and those that simply rev up once sex drive. There is whole spectrum of aphrodisiac, according to Ayurveda. No food, flower or anything else can be called ‘aphrodisiac’ unless it meets certain scientific criteria. Spices are perhaps most potent among the Indian aphrodisiac & possess special aromas/essential oil that invigorate senses. The Romans are known to have favored cinnamon & pepper, while Chinese prefer ginseng/galangal. After all its depend up on your state of mind, the power of aphrodisiac is more psychological than real. “Such foods (termed ‘Love food’) have anti-inflammatory, circulatory, relaxant, and muscle strengthening properties. Garlic and ginger for instance, improves one’s circulatory system.

Ayurveda has given whole spectrum of Vajikaran/aphrodisiac, and there are scientific criteria behind this all.


  1. Nothing was written about the herb "Safed Musli", known as Indian Vigra .In Chatish Garh area I have
    ovserved Kaviraj making Musli Modak.

  2. hello Dileshwar ji...Thanks for your comments.
    There are many herbs as you said Mushli...also like pippali, indragopa, vanga bhasma,and different Kalpa like Vajikaran ghruta/rasa/, bruhan gutika, masha yoga,kamdev ghruta, vrushya vatiand many more prepartion are used.
    In this text ion i want to highlight simple combination and our scientific criteria of understanding Vajikaran concept. Ayurveda has very scientifically explained this and may varies fro person to person.

    This are just general information.

    Thanks fro your comment.


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