If you want to build some serious muscle, you need to load up on protein. Why? Because that’s what makes up your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. It’s also what slows down the wear and tear in the tissues. Without enough of protein your body will simply break down the muscles you’re trying so hard to build to get its quota of fuel. Here are some of foods tracked down from across the country that rank high on protein scale. Let’s have a look.

1) MOONG DAAL/GREEN BEAN: - Also called as golden gram or green soy. It is one of the most easily absorbable lentils. With 24.1gm of protein per 100gm, it’s one of the best sources of protein. An added bonus. It’s packed with 13 essential amino acids needed to keep your body working in top-notch condition. Have it as dal or as sprouts.

2) BROWN RICE: - It has nearly same carbs and calories as white rice so why it is better? The answer is body takes body takes more time in breaking down brown rice (13.5gm of protein per 100gm), meaning it provides sustained energy for your workout. It is also better as it contains several vitamins & dietary minerals that are lost when processed.

3) FISH: - Eating fish will certainly help to flex you muscles, since you’ll get 19 to 20 gm of proteins per 100gm. Fish oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. This means you’ll have fewer injuries and faster recovery from your training sessions. Also omega-3 fatty acids in fish like salmon and sardines help to lower LDL cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy and ticking.

4) CHICKPEA FLOUR/BESAN: - 100gm of besan will give you 20gm of protein. It’s great for your muscles, but besan can difficult to digest and is known to cause flatulence. So go slow.

5) SATTU/POWDERED BAKED GRAM: - Sattu is mixed with spices and used to stuff chapattis. In India you mostly find in Bihar & UP, but it also highly popular in countries like Pakistan, Nepal.

6) ARHAR-TUR DAL/RED LENTIL: -It is not only rich in protein of 23gms per 100gm- but also 13 essential amino acids.

7) CASHEW NUTS: - Cashews are rich in protein (22.2gm per 100gm), compare to other nuts, and low in calories. They’re also rich in nutrients &minerals like calcium which help to keep your bones healthy & strong.

8) RAGI/MILLET FLOUR: - A kind of millet flour, ragi has 7.4gm protein per 100gm. It is used in preparation of rotis, dosa, porridge, & high protein biscuits. The white grain variety has more protein.

9) CHICKEN: - with a protein content of 33gm per 100gm, chicken is favorite muscle food. It‘s also low-fat & low in cholesterol. Go for chicken breast & remove the skin to exclude the fat.

10) MILK & MILK PRODUTS: -the proteins & carbs in milk help to reduce inflammation, leading to faster recovery after exercise. In fact the lifters who drink milk after a workout experience less muscle damage.

11) BAJRA/PEARL MILLET: - Eaten as porridge or rotis, or added to steamed vegetables, bajra contains 11.6gm of protein per 100gm. It packed additional punch, since it contains 13 essential amino acids.

12) JOWAR/SORGHUM: - It contains 12.4gm proteins per 100gm, is the most important crop in Maharashtra used in rotis.

13) BLACK GRAM: - This also contains 24 gms of proteins per 100gm & is packed with amino acids.

14) SOYABEAN: - Also known for its high protein content.
You should know...insufficient gastric hydrochloric acid(HCL) causes protein to putrefy and carbs to ferment in the intestines. Symptoms include bad breath, nausea, stomach pain, acne, depression. Rectitifying it can improve athletic performance, sleep and well being. So follow an HCL protocol.


  1. what abat maasha(udeed), kharjur?

  2. Dear Dr.Prathmesh.. Masha/ureed is indeed called as BLACK GRAM, which i mentioned above. Regarding DATES/kharjur, i want to put focus on main meals item...then fruits and vegetables. So i didnt included here. This is general suggestion, when it comes to some fruits then people get restriction, as particular diseases like DM i prefer this can help all.

  3. Dr can u please lemme knw.. Which drink helps to build muscle faster...I mean results... Sattu or whey protein??

  4. Dr can u please lemme knw.. Which drink helps to build muscle faster...I mean results... Sattu or whey protein??


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