Is COCONUT good or bad for us??

We keep reading conflicting reports about the coconut. Is it good or bad for us??

Coconut has bad reputation. That’s because the meat of this fruit largely composed of saturated fat. But while that sounds unhealthy, the hard science tells us different story. Adding unsweetened coconut cream to your protein shakes can make them richer and healthier.

HARD FACT # 1 Researches in the Philippines found that coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer & that kills germs.

HARD FACT # 2 the primary saturated fat in coconut meat, cream and oil is lauric acid, which lowers the markers of heart-disease risk by improving your ratio of total cholesterol to good HDL cholesterol, report scientist in Netherlands.

HARDS FCT # 3 like olive oil and butter, coconut oil is ideal for cooking because heat doesn’t cause it’s fats to oxidize – a reaction that can create unhealthy free radicals.

HARD FACT # 4 Most of the saturated fats in coconut are ‘medium chain’ fatty acids. These fats are preferably burned for energy, instead of stored as body fat, say nutrition scientists at the University of Connecticut in the US.

HARD FACT # 5 Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, which may help fight off infections and pathogens, according to recent study from Nigeria.

HARD FACT # 6 Fresh coconut water, which is found in young, green coconuts, contains potassium, sodium, and glucose. In fact, scientists concluded that it’s an ideal beverage for rehydrating after exercise.