Fragnant healing...a smell that use to drown worse thing.

FRAGNANT HEALING…I am sure many of you noticed...first rainfall on dry earth and smell of soil. This is best of smell I perceived in life, the feeling I can’t express in words. It is so much refreshing to my mind. The smell has so much impact on our mood, it makes you relaxed and refreshens same way some offensive smell irritates you.

The olfactory system and pain share brain networks and its thoughts that the positive consequences of experinceing pleasant or familiar odours offset pain to a measurable extent. In fact there is increasing excitement in the scientific community about the power of our sense of smell, and what consequences this may have for psychological and physiological health. Although much of the research is in its infancy, various studies have shown that scents like peppermint, vanilla, & coffee may have therapeutic effects.

Scientists involved in this research are keen to distance themselves from what many see as the quack principles of aromatherapy –the complimentary therapy that recommends administering pleasant smells for anything from cancer to common cold. “Using conditioned association we could use smell therapeutically, to treat sleep problems, anxiety, blood pressure, etc; and even clinically possibly for immune system pathologies, intractable medical conditions, for example lower back pain and use it for rehabilitation. “Smells, once conditioned, can re-evoke a psychological state. It relies upon the association of smell and memory.” To put it simply, if you associate a certain odour with a particular state of mind –being relaxed, for example, or positive you may be able to recreate that state of mind, at least to some extent. By simply introducing the associated smell.

In fact, of the powers ascribed o the scent of vanilla could be down to the link between memory and smell. Vanilla is universally positive childhood aroma – holiday ice=creams, perhaps, or the smell of backing. Recreating vanilla’s off-vaunted powers of relaxation or stress relief. It may be possible to program smell association for particular therapeutic tasks.

As strong smells seems to distract us from physical discomfort, whether that means pain or hunger. Ex. sniffing peppermint may decrease appetite.

In Ayurveda smell of the substance is rarely appears or disseminates until the formed shape starts breaking or disintegrating. As the substance lose its shape and gets ground, crushed, roasted,, the smell specific for that substance starts appearing. So the smell of shape and fullness alternative of each other. If the firm shape remains intact rarely smell appears. As the process of cooking, roasting, churning, heating, steaming go on the material slowly loses away some particles from the firmness. The disintegrating or naturally detoriating milk, urine, faeces, fish, meat etc eliminate maximum smell specific of each substance.

The nose has comparatively thick folding structure along with thick sticky secretions around. The disintegrated particles from shapeful substance are responsible for producing specific smell. The nose which is having thick and sticky folds is the capable of receiving the smell. Therefore the Indian scientist put the thought of primordial substances and its relation with specific sense organs. As smell is quality of Earth/Prithvi quality/Guna and related to Sense organ Nose/Nasa. And in text it is explained as NASA HI SHIRSO DWARAM. Can we take this shloka for concept of healing with Fragnant ??